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  • Introduction to Human Workflow

    Human Workflow component is responsible for managing the life cycle of human tasks, including creation, assignment, expiration, deadlines, and notifications, as well as its presentation to end users. It supports sophisticated dynamic task routing leveraging declarative patterns and tight integration with business rules.  This self-study introduces the key vocabulary and concepts that serve as a foundation for understanding what Human Workflow can do, and how to best use it.

    Duration: 21 minutes

    Release Date: 16-APR-2013

Reviews (1)

  • 11 years ago
    This is a very good introduction to Oracle Workflow. The content is very good as are the graphics used during the presentation. I now have a much better appreciation for the functionality of this application.
    • eugene.x.moses
      10.1 years ago
      The presentation clearly explains the building blocks of Human Workflow and its use in BPM