• Business Intelligence Modeling

    To complete your business intelligence application, you should enable your data warehouse for querying, which is one of its main purposes. By implementing the concept of business intelligence objects, Oracle Warehouse Builder integrates with reporting environments, specifically Oracle's, more seamlessly. The Business Intelligence node on the Project Explorer panel enables you to define sets of Warehouse Builder objects that embrace business reporting tools, for example, Oracle Discoverer and BI Beans (allowing you to build custom applications). The Business Intelligence node contains two additional nodes called Business Definitions and Business Presentations. Business Definition modules store the definitions to be deployed to Discoverer. Business Presentation modules store the report structures that you want to deploy to BI Beans. In this lesson, you perform hands-on exercises to define Discoverer intelligent objects in Warehouse Builder. Using Oracle Warehouse Builder, you move your design metadata to the Discoverer End User Layer (EUL). Discoverer uses the EUL to hide from the end users the complexity, technical naming conventions, and physical structure of the database.

    Duration: 20 minutes

    Release Date: 01-JAN-2006

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