• Harvesting Metadata from Various Sources using Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM)

    [2 of 7] Harvesting Metadata from Various Sources using Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM). Sources include Oracle Database (DB), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), and others. 

    In this tutorial, you will learn to:

    • Create and examine models for Oracle Database schemas, both ones you create and pre-existing sample ones
    • Create and examine models for Oracle Data Integrator projects. If you have a live ODI system, you can harvest actual models.
    • Examine existing models for OBIEE reports. OBIEE is not used in this tutorial, but its metadata is.
    • Examine other possible sources of metadata such as Big Data or Microsoft Excel using import bridges

    For the full list of OEMM OBEs see the Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM) Getting Started series.

    Duration: 20 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Data Modeler, Data Warehouse Administrator

    Release Date: 04-MAY-2015

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