• The Oracle GoldenGate Adapter for Coherence

    This Oracle-By-Example (OBE) tutorial covers installing, configuring, and running the Oracle GoldenGate HotCache Adapter for Oracle Coherence. The Oracle GoldenGate HotCache Adapter for Coherence provides a mechanism to synchronize changes made directly to an Oracle database with a Coherence cache. Such synchronization is two-way: all changes made to data residing in the Coherence cache are checkpointed to the Oracle database, and all changes made to the Oracle database are propagated to the Coherence cache. 

    Duration: 180 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Java EE Architect, Java - Server-Side Java EE Developer , System Administrator, SOA Architect, Integration Developer, Systems Architect, Application Developer

    Release Date: 04-SEP-2013

    Created by: Elio Bonazzi

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