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  • Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (12.2.1): Configuring Oracle Traffic Director as a Cluster Proxy

    This tutorial shows you how to configure an Oracle Traffic Director to proxy requests to a WLS Cluster.

    Oracle Traffic Director is a fast, reliable, and scalable layer-7 software load balancer. You can set up Oracle Traffic Director to serve as the reliable entry point for all HTTP, HTTPS and TCP traffic to application servers and web servers in the back end. Oracle Traffic Director distributes the requests that it receives from clients to servers in the back end based on the specified load-balancing algorithm, routes the requests based on specified rules, caches frequently accessed data, prioritizes traffic, and controls the quality of service.

    It includes a simple, web browser based graphical user interface (using Oracle Enterprise Manager) as well as robust Command Line Interface using Oracle WebLogic WLST.For high availability, you can set up pairs of Oracle Traffic Director instances for either active-passive or active-active failover.

    In this tutorial, you will configure Oracle Traffic Director as a front end to a backend WebLogic Server 12c(12.2.1) Cluster.

    A specific feature called "Dynamic Discovery", will let Oracle Traffic Director discover an "on the fly" new clustered WebLogic Node associated with it's initial configuration and you will be able to "join" the discovered WebLogic Node(with full HTTP replication capabilities) to your initial two Nodes WebLogic cluster.

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Release Date: 03-MAR-2016

    Created by: Tom Eliason

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