• Setting Up Oracle Data Miner 11g Release 2

    This tutorial covers the process of setting up Oracle Data Miner 11g Release 2 for use within Oracle SQL Developer 3.0.

    Duration: 15 minutes

    Release Date: 10-MAR-2011

    Created by: Brian Pottle

Reviews (4)

  • 4.5 years ago
    <p> Great OBE!  This is really clear, and WOW, great strides have been made by the product team to make this streamlined and simple.  This makes it so much easier for any interested person to try out Oracle Data Miner.</p>
    • 5.3 years ago
      Very good tutorial. It doesn't take more than 10 minutes to set everything up and start working with DM.
      • 5.4 years ago
        Quick and simple setup!
        • 5.5 years ago
          Easy to install, great but simple instructions. By Oracle Data Miner GUI being an extension to SQL Developer, it comes already installed and there are just a few steps required to set up for data mining. This lesson clearly guides you through the steps and then you can start mining your data. Some advice: follow the next 3 OBE Tutorials to maximize your learning and increase your chances for successful data mining.



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