• Analyze All Your Data with Oracle Big Data SQL

    This tutorial illustrates how you can securely analyze all of your data across the big data platform - whether that data resides in Oracle Database 12c, Hadoop, Oracle NoSQL Database or a combination of these sources.

    Duration: 90 minutes

    Release Date: 09-JAN-2017

    Created by: Brian Pottle

Reviews (2)

  • 5.4 years ago
    Some output results are not match with the sql, list below. 1) part 7, Pattern Match Example: Web Log Sessionization Analysis, the step 5 output is wrong. 2) part 9, Creating a Summary Report, the step 4 output is wrong. 3) part 9, Adding Business Value, the step 6 output is wrong.
    • 8.4 years ago
      • wael.okasha
        8 years ago