• Bullet Proof Your PL/SQL Program Units

    Consistent, robust error management is a critical feature of any successful application. Developers need to know all that is possible in PL/SQL regarding the raising, handling and logging of errors, and that standardize the way in which those tasks are performed.
    Steven goes beyond the basics of exception handling in PL/SQL to explore the wide range of specialized error management features in Oracle. We will cover FORALL's SAVE EXCEPTIONS, DML error logging with the DBMS_ERRLOG package, the AFTERSERVERERROR trigger, the DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE function, and more. 
    In addition to covering error-related functionality, we'll also take a look at using assertion procedures to validate assumptions and execution tracing to better understand what is happening in your code.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Developer, Development Manager, Application Express Developer, PL/SQL Developer, Application Developer

    Release Date: 14-OCT-2014

    Created by: Steven Feuerstein

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