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  • 10.4 years ago
    The tutorial was very informative. I just started learning about multitenant and this helped me understand the different methods of plugging the PDBs. Although there were a few things that I got confused in: -I was wondering how/why the 'MOVE' option was used together with the 'AS CLONE' clause? I read in the documentation that the 'MOVE' option cannot be used together with the 'AS CLONE' clause. You were just supposed to clone pdb2 but the datafiles were also moved? -In resetting the environment step 4, you dropped the pdb_plug_copy database without keeping the datafiles, but in step 6 you used it to recreate the pdb2 database. -If the datafiles were not actually moved from pdb2, why not just create pdb2 using the pdb2.xml? Regards, Mark