• Introduction to the Hadoop Ecosystem

    In this session, you learn how to:

    • Define the Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Describe the Hadoop core components and other related projects in the Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Choose a Hadoop distribution and version
    • Describe the architectural components of HDFS
    • Use the FS shell command-line interface (CLI) to interact with data stored in HDFS
    • Review MapReduce, Spark, and YARN

    Duration: 54 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Data Scientist, Data Warehouse Developer, Business Analyst

    Release Date: 25-OCT-2015

    Created by: Lauran Serhal

Reviews (1)

  • 6.2 years ago
    This is my first interaction with hadoop and big data environments. The content of the course if very easy to digest and give me very good explanation and introduction to the hadoop core components and ecosystem