• Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA): Pre-Installation Steps

    In this session, you learn how to:

    • Download and complete the BDA Site Checklists
    • Download and run the Oracle BDA Configuration Utility
    • Review the files generated by the Oracle BDA Configuration Utility
    • Identify the next steps in installing the Oracle BDA software on the Oracle BDA

    Duration: 47 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Data Scientist, Data Warehouse Developer, Business Analyst

    Release Date: 25-OCT-2015

    Created by: Lauran Serhal

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  • 3.4 years ago
    After implementing the several topics above the big data video, I think this is indeed very accurate. The explanation is very simple and in-depth, so it feels very attractive and easy to understand. It's fun to follow him to dig deeper. This kind of thinking and theory is based on the fact that he will never fail, never collapse, there will always be a reserve force, there will always be a substitute team there to wait and solve the previously solved problems, so as to achieve the final success . The whole project therefore feels very tempting and can be understood from simple to difficult to difficult, because it explains its theories and mysteries in detail. Thank you very much, I am very interested, I suggest you listen.