• Java EE 7: Using the JAX-RS Client API to Consume RESTful Web Services

    In this tutorial you create a sticker story web application in which users can collaborate to create a story by dragging images into a book or canvas. When a sticker is dropped onto the canvas, it is rendered in all other web browsers that are connected to the server. 
     A sticker's state is also saved on the server so information is saved if a session ends.
    You will start with a bare client interface and a minimal REST server. To complete the sticker story application, you'll use the Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) 2.0 and the Java API for JSON Processing to handle client-server communication.
    Finally, you'll save the data in the server to for saving a sticker's current state.


    Duration: 60 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Java EE Architect, Java - Server-Side Java EE Developer , Java - Front-End Java EE Developer

    Release Date: 09-SEP-2013

    Created by: Miguel Salazar

Reviews (1)

  • 9.5 years ago
    Very clear and concise, but a diagram to illustrate the movement of data between the browser, and the two servers would be of benefit. Also, I think the images are missing from the downloadable project. They're nowhere to be seen on my system...
    • wjdhamilton
      9.5 years ago
      My apologies - I found the stickers!
    • ktorkura
      9.4 years ago
      @wjhamilton, have you updated the project with the images/stickers OR where can i get them. Thanks