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  • 7.8 years ago
    What a really low grade tutorial, the authors didn't care at all about the quality of the code they are writing. No arguments checking, the database connection is not even closed, I know it is supposed to be a starting point but still so bad.... I'd expect more from Oracle....
    • 9.3 years ago
      In my case, its showing an error. ORA-12541 TNS:No listener. I'm also confused whether to choose ODP.NET Managed Driver or Unmanaged Driver. I've installed all the components of ODAC with ODP from here - I can't find the Configuration Tools to create a listener. What is a listener? I don't understand. I'm a beginner .NET environment and I'm stuck. Help me out.
      • 9.4 years ago
        • 11.8 years ago
          <p> Nice job.  Very helpful.</p>