• Creating and Configuring a Custom Visualization Component

    This tutorial steps you through the process of implementing a custom visualization component with a focus on using the custom visualization component JavaScript API to develop a renderer class to drive the visualization. A complete, commented example of the Donut Pie renderer class implementation is provided and is available to download.

    Duration: 120 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): BI Analyst, Data Scientist, End User, Business Analyst

    Release Date: 12-MAY-2016

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  • 8 years ago
    Unable to view the tutorial
    • bob.dimeo
      8 years ago
      I'm sorry you are having problems viewing the tutorial. I had someone other than myself check if they could access it and they didn't have a problem. I tested in both Firefox and Chrome browsers. Can you tell me what kind of error you are getting when you click on Begin Tutorial?
    • bob.dimeo
      8 years ago
      Hi Bimlesh. I found the issue with the posting of the tutorial. I fixed the problem and tested it from external from Oracle sites and it works. Please try again and let me know if have any problems accessing the tutorial. Thanks!