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  • Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Getting Started Series

    Release Date: 06-AUG-2013

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  • 1.7 years ago
    Hi , Please show the section how to create HR-DB schema Thx Trung
    • 3.8 years ago
      Hi Team, Thank you for putting up nice tutorial. Do you have the same on Package. I am seeing very less content or mostly outdated on ODI 12c. Please let us know if there is a complete tutorial on 12c edition.
      • 9.5 years ago
        This tutorial is very good for people who want to have an initial glance of what Oracle Data Integrator does. Very good!!
        • 10 years ago
          I'm using the Oracle 12c database. I had trouble getting up and running until I found out that Database Vault had to be disabled. Unless I'm missing this, I did not see it documented.
          • 10.7 years ago
            Very nice tutorial. Before you come to formal training classes, take some time to go through this content. In class, we'll fill in all the details!