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  • 7.6 years ago
    This is really a great one! It explains in exhaustive detail how to take advantage of the new dimensional object support in ODI 12cR2, creating dimensions and cubes in the GUI of ODI Studio. It doesn't start from scratch, using a pre-created project that comes with Oracle Data Integrator Getting Started Virtual Machine. The project already has the source datastores in ODI models. So what you need to do is define dimensional objects (a dimension and a cube) and then define mappings that load source data into those dimensional objects. What it doesn't cover however (probably, it doesn't have to) is how the source datastores to be used for populating dimensional objects might be reverse-engineered from a non-relational data sources. OTN article 'Constructing a Dimensional Environment with Oracle Database and ODI 12c' provides such an example, explaining in detail how you can reverse-engineer a JSON data source with the help of ODI's Native Format Builder wizard.