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Java SE 8 Lambda Series

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  • This series includes an introductory video to Java SE 8 Lambda, tutorials, and other articles.

  • 03-AUG-2013
  • Michael W. Williams

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03-AUG-2013 1 mins

A Quick Start to Java SE 8 Lambda - video

This video describes how easy it is to work with Lambda in Java SE 8.


Java SE 8: Lambda Quick Start - (Recorded Webcast Event)

This webcast provides an introduction to the forthcoming lambda expressions syntax added to Java 8. Learn how lambda expressions replace anonymous inner classes. In addition, see how lambda expressions might change your thinking about how you code in Java. Finally, the webcast concludes with examples of how lambda expressions change the Collections API.

04-APR-2013 60 mins

Java SE 8 Lambda Quick Start

Lambda expressions are a new and important feature included in Java SE 8. They provide a clear and concise way to represent one method interface using an expression. Lambda expressions also improve the Collection libraries making it easier to iterate through, filter, and extract data from a Collection. In addition, new concurrency features improve performance in multicore environments.


This Oracle by Example (OBE) provides an introduction to lambda expressions included in Java SE 8. An introduction to anonymous inner functions is provided, followed by a discussions of functional interfaces and the new lambda syntax. Then, examples of common usage patterns before and after lambda expressions are shown.


The next section reviews a common search use case and how Java code can be improved with the inclusion of lambda expressions. In addition, some of the common functional interfaces, Predicate and Function, provided in java.util.function are shown in action.


The OBE finishes up with a review of how the Java collection has been updated with lambda expressions.

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2 user(s) recommend this content

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nikhil.kapre 3 months ago
The capabilities of Lambdas are very well explained in this 1 hour tutorial and the examples illustrate the concepts well.
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