• Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) 11gR1: Lesson 1: OPSS Overview

    OPSS 11gR1 Lesson 1: OPSS Overview provides an introduction to some security industry terms and concepts, and puts them into context where appropriate for OPSS. It shows you an overview of what OPSS is, its architecture, and why you would use it. Then it covers some basic concepts of OPSS features for awareness. This is a general course that prepares you for learning how to use OPSS features yourself.

    Duration: 48 minutes

    Release Date: 19-APR-2012

    Created by: Mark Lindros

Reviews (5)

  • 5.5 years ago
    Very nice intro to OPSS. I also had some issues with finishing the fill in quizzes as the time was to short.
    • 9.3 years ago
      Overall, this is a good course to become familiar with the security terminology and structure. The only thing I had a problem with was the fill in the blank quiz items. The time allowed to complete the answer was insufficient for several of the questions due to the length of the question and/or the length of the answer. Perhaps the time for the longer questions/answers could be extended or the timer could be set to start after the first letter is entered.
      • linda.ross
        9.3 years ago
        Thanks for your feedback Dewayne. It sounds like you're talking about one of the learning games. We did test this quite extensively, and if you are following the instructions and typing your responses, you should have plenty of time to answer. We did notice that some users skip the instructions and used the mouse, which is much slower and does not allow you to get clues. For this reason, we specifically state in the game instructions, before the timer even starts, to TYPE the responses. Try that and see if you are able to answer in time. If you're not, perhaps you're not familiar enough with the materials?
    • 10.1 years ago
      A very nice short course that providers a good overview of basic security terminology and requirements as well as how OPSS is used to support these security needs
      • 12 years ago
        <p> Hi,</p> <p> Is would be great to make accessible to download PDF versions of this eCourse with more friendly format. I mean something like eKits - slide + presenter notes on the one page.</p>
        • 12.2 years ago
          <p> great primer</p>