• 2 - Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) 11gR1: Configuring an OID Authentication Provider in WebLogic

    This tutorial covers configuring an Oracle Internet Directory (OID) authentication provider in Oracle WebLogic Server using the WebLogic Administration console. Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) uses the authentication provider configuration within a WebLogic domain to bootstrap its connection with an identity store. After completing this exercise you should be able to:

    Configure an OID LDAP authentication provider using the WebLogic Administration console
    Reorder authentication providers to ensure OID is the first LDAP provider in the list
    Set WebLogic Server authentication provider control flags when configuring multiple providers
    Verify that the authentication provider is connected to OID

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Release Date: 25-APR-2012

    Created by: Mark Lindros

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