• Using SQL Pattern Matching

    In this OBE, you learn how to use  SQL for Pattern Matching. Row pattern matching in native SQL improves application and development productivity and query efficiency for row-sequence analysis.

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): PL/SQL Developer, Data Warehouse Developer, Business Analyst, Application Developer

    Release Date: 24-JUN-2013

Reviews (3)

  • 6.3 years ago
    Nice tutorial. Well explained with good examples. Please add links to reference the video/podcasts relating to 3 part series with Title: Introduction To Sql Pattern Matching In Oracle Database 12C - Part 1 starting with url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCU5gI8oqI4
    • 10.6 years ago
      This is a good, detailed introduction. Please note one error (which may be corrected by the time you read this review): The default for Row Pattern Output is ONE ROW PER MATCH, not ALL ROWS PER MATCH.
      • supriya.ananth
        10.6 years ago
        Hi STew, Thanks for your feedback. We have updated the OBE to reflect ONE ROW PER MATCH as the default value for row pattern output.
    • 10.9 years ago