• Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller 7.1 - Course

    The Product

    Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller supplies the back-end infrastructure for integrating WebRTC solutions with SIP and IMS networks, enabling the browser to be used like a normal telephone, with video and file sharing capabilities. WebRTC Session Controller also supplies an SDK that makes it easier to build web applications that use the WebRTC features included in web browsers.


    The Course

    This WebRTC Session Controller course is a self-paced, offline course.

    The presentations and the practice instructions are provided as PDF files.

    WebRTC Session Controller self paced course structure


    The Audience

    The audience for this course are application developers, system architects, and integration developers with basic telecom knowledge who want to understand WebRTC Session Controller.



    This course requires basic telecom knowledge. There are no other mandatory prerequisites for this course.


    Duration: 600 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Integration Developer, Systems Architect, Application Developer

    Release Date: 06-APR-2015

Content List (2)

  • Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller 7.1 - Presentations

    Duration: 120 minutes

    Duration: 120 minutes
  • Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller 7.1 - Practices

    Duration: 600 minutes

    Duration: 600 minutes

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