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  • 11.8 years ago
    <p> Good explanation, matches to title for objective</p>
    • 12.3 years ago
      <p> It is a very concise and accurate training with all the necessary instructions on how to create master and work repositories in ODI.</p> <p> However, it would have been more helpful if there were more explanation on 'why' - for example 'Why do we create the snpm/snpw schemas', although surely one will find out on his/her own during the course of further development.  </p>
      • 12.4 years ago
        • 12.8 years ago
          <p> The OBE for ODI create confusion for a newbie , if they create a map of what to learn in order that will be helpful.</p>
          • 13.1 years ago
            Nice article with good screenshots. It would have been better if there is a small description as to why do we need snpm and snpw schemas, what are master and worker repositories, why should we use them etc besides the screenshots.
            • 13.1 years ago
              Very small topic is covered..but well discriptive with screen shots
              • 13.3 years ago
                Nice, its easy to understand... Screenshots are helpful