• Provisioning Database Cloud Service Deployments and Java Cloud Service Instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    This training module helps you learn how to provision Oracle Database Cloud Service deployments and Oracle Java Cloud Service instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


    Create the networking, storage, and security resources that Database Cloud Service and Java Cloud Service require in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Note: This task is relevant to other Oracle PaaS services as well.

    tutorial (15 min.)



    Create a Database Cloud Service deployment in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Note: Java Cloud Service requires a Database Cloud Service deployment to store the Oracle-required schemas for WebLogic Server.

    video (4 min.)


    Task-3 Create a Java Cloud Service instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

    video (5 min.)

    tutorial (10 min.)


    Release Date: 02-JAN-2018

    Created by: Kumar Dhanagopal

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