• JD Edwards Logistics Re-Imagined through the Latest Enhancements and Roadmap

    Enhancements to JD Edwards Warehouse and Transportation Management since 9.2 provide new functionality for you to improve the efficiency of your logistics operations. Functional enhancements along with UX One, Orchestrator, and notifications will inspire you to re-imagine how this is possible. Enhancements such as License Plate Picking Optimization and Commitment Swap improve the utilization of your warehouse space and personnel. By leveraging notifications, your staff can manage by exception, rather than waiting hours to find out something has gone wrong or a decision needs to be made, such as planning for additional labor when an unexpected spike in outbound shipping occurs. This presentation discusses what is possible using enhancements since 9.2 and gives you a look at the future roadmap for Warehouse and Transportation.

    Release Date: 05-AUG-2020

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