• Business and IT – Collaborative Access Review Sign Off and Closed Loop Identity Certification

    11g R2PS1 provides enterprise grade business friendly capabilities such as self service, access request, access review, identity lifecycle management and provisioning.

    What customers will get with 11g R2 PS1 is a single solution through which they can do both access request and access review from a single console.  The Access Request module and the Access Review module now leverage the same data model, glossary data and catalog data to provide the much needed consistency in business context across both access request and access review.

    They can now design certification campaigns through which both business and IT can collaborate to make an access review decision. The new advanced workflows eliminate the need for manual tasks such as consolidation and distribution of access review decisions which are time consuming and error prone.

    Significant enhancements have also been made to provide a more user friendly and navigation friendly UI. Rich Inline analytics such as graphs and charts have been stitched into the UI to give the reviewer an at a glance view of the complete risk and risk summary associated with each user and their access. Advanced filtering, sorting and saved search capabilities coupled with the innovative risk engine gives reviewers the tools through which they can slice and dice data to identify high risk profiles and hone in on High risk access items that require immediate remediation.

    The converged provisioning, access request and access review solution available in OIM ensures  that we provide the most effective closed loop remediation tracking and enforcement solution in the industry. We have also added a provision through which the end users themselves can get involved in the remediation process and challenge a remediation decision if it prevents them from completing their job.

    This Integration with EXCEL provides a solution that accelerates and simplifies large scale certification campaigns. Exporting certifications tasks to EXCEL gives a reviewer the luxury and flexibility to complete their access review task in an offline flight safe mode. The need to be continuously connected to an online system is eliminated. The fact that EXCEL is a very common tool used by almost every business user and it provides intuitive and user friendly navigation and filtering capabilities makes it an excellent tool through which a reviewer can complete their access review task.

    In this new release we have further simplified reporting by stitching the certification reporting module right into the certification dashboard. A business user or auditor can now leverage the point and click reporting capabilities to generate certification reports from the same console through which access review and access request is done.

    To summarize what customers will get with 11g R2PS1 is a single converged solution that will simplify their deployment, support and maintenance, reduce their total cost of ownership and accelerate innovation and ROI. The Oracle solution will now leverage a converged set of connectors and a common data model. 11g R2PS1 is a perfect win-win for both business and IT.

    Release Date: 07-MAY-2013

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