• PeopleSoft Order Management 9.2 Self Study Training Guide

    This is a self study training guide for PeopleSoft Order Management 9.2.

    This document describes the features and benefits of PeopleSoft Order Management and guides to:

    • Understand fundamental concepts of Order Management.
    • Maintain customer information.
    • Establish products and items.
    • Define transportation and freight.
    • Create communications.
    • Establish holds.
    • Establish pricing adjustments.
    • Setup Customer Price Books.
    • Create sales order entries.
    • Use advanced CSR options.
    • Create sales quotes.
    • Maintain buying agreements.
    • Create counter sales.
    • Use express order entry.
    • Define returned material authorizations.
    • Define order bills.
    • Run reports.

    Release Date: 27-MAY-2015

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