• Lesson 1: Introducing Oracle R Enterprise 1.4

    This tutorial is the first of eight self-study sessions on Oracle R Enterprise. In this tutorial, you:

    • Learn what R is, who uses it, and why they use it.
    • Examine several common user interfaces for R.
    • Learn about Oracle’s strategy for supporting the R community.


    Duration: 28 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer

    Release Date: 30-JAN-2014

Reviews (1)

  • 10.4 years ago
    Simon Griffiths
    A very well paced and clear introduction to ORE from a product and technology. I especially liked the architecture overview that described how the various components of a ORE system communicate and also the description of the various R engines that can be utilised.