• Streamline Cloning Oracle Databases for Development and Testing

    For DBAs looking to streamline the process of cloning a database for development and test efforts, the Oracle Snap Management Utility (SMU) for Oracle Database may help solve that need. The SMU software coordinates storage cloning from the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance with the process to mount the new clone to a database host from a single interface. Take cloning for development databases from weeks to minutes and accelerate dev/test with SMU.

    Scott Ledbetter, Oracle Application Integration Engineer, shows how to easily clone an Oracle database instance using the Oracle Snap Manager Utility for Oracle Database. To learn more and obtain a free trial, go to


    Duration: 7 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Developer, Application Administrator, Development Manager, Technical Administrator, System Administrator, Support Engineer, Integration Developer, Systems Architect, Database Administrator, Application Developer

    Release Date: 01-DEC-2014

    Created by: Scott Ledbetter

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