• Entity Framework, LINQ and Model-First for the Oracle Database

    This tutorial covers how to use Entity Framework 5 or 6, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), and generate Data Definition Language (DDL) scripts using Model-First for Oracle database.

    Duration: 30 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Application Developer

    Release Date: 05-MAR-2015

Reviews (4)

  • 7.8 years ago
    I like it so far. However, I am stuck at the point where I build the Entity Model. I am getting the following error: Error 2002: The EntityContainer 'UCIISModelTargetContainer' for the storage model specified as part of this MSL does not exist in MetadataWorkspace. In an effort to fix the error I have deleted all of the entities, rebuilt the solution, added one entity back in and rebuilt the solution. Still cannot get the error to go away. The single table the I pulled back in does have a Primary key and no FK. Any suggestions?
    • 8.5 years ago
      Readers should be familiar with VS2013 and Entity framework first. Oracle is adding the specific details in a comprehensive way.
      • 8.9 years ago
        Crappy tutorial. I created the new project and the code you have us entering into the program.cs contains libraries that are NOT referenced. At least, I did not see any directions for adding references or adding nuget packages for the Oracle/entity framework libraries. There should be a step by step tutorial so that .NET Developers who are NOT familiar with Oracle can install the Oracle libraries/connectors and then properly build the project so that we can use EF 6 to access Oracle by generating the models from the DB. Keep trying.
        • nancy.greenberg
          8.8 years ago
          I think you may have missed reading this part of the tutorial: ========= Note: If you wish to use the Entity Framework 6 version, perform the following steps first: Perform the steps mentioned in the NuGet ODP.NET Installation and Configuration section of the Using NuGet to Install and Configure Oracle Data Provider for .NET OBE. Select Build > Rebuild Solution from the Visual Studio menu, which will allow this project to start using Entity Framework 6. These steps install and configure the ODP.NET Entity Framework 6 and Entity Framework 6 assemblies. Whether you use Entity Framework 5 or Entity Framework 6, you can continue with the following steps. =========
        • kunal2u
          8.6 years ago
          Can I use EF6 with .Net 4.0 and Oracle 11g with ODP.NET. Please let me know nuget package to install and steps.
        • alex.keh
          8.5 years ago
          Yes, for EF Code First scenarios. For DB First scenarios, you need to install Oracle Developer Tools as well. Both scenarios are covered step by step in OBEs.
      • 9 years ago
        where is the content ?
        • nancy.greenberg
          9 years ago
          Did you click the Begin Tutorial button? Are you receiving an error, and if so, what is the error?