• Using Oracle User-Defined Types with .NET and Visual Studio

    This tutorial describes how you can create applications that access Oracle user-defined types with .NET and Visual Studio.

    User-defined types (UDTs) make it possible to model real-world entities such as "Customers" or "Purchase Orders" as objects in the Oracle Database. The Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET), Unmanaged Driver supports UDTs, so that developers can access their objects, VARRAYs, and nested table types from C# or VB.NET code. Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio also supports UDTs, enabling you to use Visual Studio to create and modify object types and to autogenerate .NET code to access them.

    In this tutorial, you will create an application that displays the contents of a relational table that has UDTs defined for some of the columns. You will create the type definition in Oracle using Visual Studio, create the relational table that contains the UDT, load data into the table, and then auto generate the .NET data access code for the application that will display the data.

    Duration: 45 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Application Developer

    Release Date: 18-SEP-2014

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