• Oracle Communications Service Gatekeeper - Interceptor Examples

    Interceptor Examples

    This lab package contains the source code and build files for a couple of interceptor examples.
    The instructions, which also are in the lab package, helps you unpack, compile, deploy and test the following interceptor examples:

    • The Request Parameter Interceptor
      This interceptor unpacks the SMS message and appends a text to the end of the message.
    • The Singleton Counter Interceptor
      This interceptor uses another class, Counter, which is a singleton. With each invocation of the interceptor, the number in the counter is increased and written to standard output.
    • The Reject Dirty Message interceptor
      This interceptor unpacks the SMS message and if the message contains a word that is considered inappropriate, the whole message is rejected.
    • The Request Context Attributes Interceptor
      This interceptor scans the Service Provider and and Application service level agreements (SLAs) and look for a couple of extra context attributes and prints the values of these to standard output.

    These interceptors will help you get started to write, compile and deploy your own custom interceptors.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Developer, Integration Developer, Application Developer

    Release Date: 21-SEP-2014

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