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  • 11.1 years ago
    oracle sql developer lacks stability. Application does not respond very frequently even when there are no processes running. I use another tool called AQT which works like charm for most part of it and better than SQL developer. Evn if they charge for licensing for a better version I would except they make better products. Lack of GUI makes it worse to use.
    • 11.7 years ago
      <p> Maybe is about existential thing, but Oracle SQL Developer 3.2 (latest version) lacks "anonymous block" debugging.  I don't understand why it's been so difficult for OSD Development Team to add this feature to this so useful tool.</p>
      • 13 years ago
        All is very nice, however debugging is very usefull for eliminating logical bugs in your code. In this example there is a logical bug: we indicated, by passing pMaxRows = 5, that we need to see only 5 names, but actually we see 6. This issue is not addressed in the demo and not fixed! But I like Oracle methodical approach in presenting this subject. Thanks. Ben.