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  • 10.2 years ago
    This is a very simple, straight-forward explanation of groups and how to use them on a dashboard.
    • 11 years ago
      <p> Poor, quality. Audio is not bad, but the rest is to be polite awful.</p> <p> Sorry, what look like something very potent just doesn't come though as it can't be seen.</p> <p>  </p>
      • jenny.tsai
        10.7 years ago
        Thanks for your comment. You can change the video quality setting by mousing over the video and clicking on the gear icon. You can also display the video in full-screen by clicking on the full-screen icon. Hope this helps.
    • 11.2 years ago
      <p> Found it quite informative and easy to follow.  I noticed on my 12c, when I went to 'services features'  I only had one option - SLA Business Calendars.   A little research and oh - NEV FEATURE 12.1.02 (12c R2, which is a notch higher than my installed 12c BP1 !)  Now I am longing for an upgrade.</p> <p> Truly, this learning library is very nice.  It might be nice to have the precise versions of products being demo'ed, somewhere in the notes.</p> <p> D</p> <p> Remember - Cheap, Fast, or Good.  Select only 2 please.</p> <p>  </p>