• Advanced ADF Series Part 2

    This self-paced "eCourse" is the second in a series that addresses Oracle ADF 11g topics through video presentations, quizzes and practices.

    The course was designed to provide you with the most relevant and performance-based learning experience possible in a self-study environment. You'll find tips, tricks, and best practices from Oracle experts. You decide the way you want to learn as well as the sequence in which you want to study the modules in the course. Topics in Part 2 include:

    - ADF Region Interaction

    - ADF Faces Page Layouts

    - Page Templates

    - ADF Faces Declarative Components

    - Skinning

    - ADF Data Visualization Components

    Duration: 800 minutes

    Release Date: 19-JUN-2012

    Created by: Patrice Daux

Reviews (4)

  • 6.9 years ago
    how to access material ?
    • 7.5 years ago
      How to get access to it?.
      • 11 years ago
        In addition to "Advanced ADF Series Part 1", this is the next step on your way to become an ADF expert!
        • 11.3 years ago