• Securing the Oracle BDA

    In this session, you learn how to secure data on the Oracle Big Data Appliance.

    Security is a calculated decision. Because security does not make systems run faster or make them easier to use, the cost of implementing any security control must balance the potential cost of not implementing any security procedures or practices. 

    How much security is required is often a judgment made on the amount of risk an organization is willing to assume. That risk often boils down to the value of the data. If the data being housed in your BDA is a unique combination of sensor data, geological data, and periodical feeds from gold mining journals, it has very different security requirements than a cluster housing publicly available home values, traffic accident data, and citizen demographic data.

    Duration: 47 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Data Scientist, Data Warehouse Developer, Business Analyst

    Release Date: 17-JAN-2016

    Created by: Lauran Serhal

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  • 8.2 years ago
    many details for authentification, role, access rights but poor on encryption. What algorithmes are used for network encryption or disk encryption, where and how keys are managed etc