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  • 9.2 years ago
    You should add instructions for windows users. I had to read a few blogs and forum just finding the way to connect to EM express. Windows doesn't support oraenv commands.
    • 10.2 years ago
      This is helpful overall. However, the first step is confusing for Windows users since oraenv isn't (apparently) part of Oracle on Windows. In my case I was able to simply skip the step.
      • 10.8 years ago
        It's useful to learn how to connect to em express. By the way, the default port is not 5011 but 5500 in my environment. So It would be more helpful Checking the port number is included in this content.
        • 10.8 years ago
          Great and clearly. Anyway, there talks about HTTPS port on document. This content might add how to set https port as well.