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Advanced ADF Series Part 1

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  • This self-paced "eCourse" is the first in a series that addresses Oracle ADF 11g topics through video presentations, quizzes and practices.
    The course was designed to provide you with the most relevant and performance-based learning experience possible in a self-study environment. You'll find tips, tricks, and best practices from Oracle experts. You decide the way you want to learn as well as the sequence in which you want to study the modules in the course. Topics in Part 1 include:
    - ADF Overview
    - ADF Bindings
    - Project Considerations for Team Development
    - ADF Task Flows

  • 22-FEB-2012
  • 700 minutes
  • Patrice Daux, DeDe Morton, Jeff Gallus
  • Advanced ADF Series eCourse

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63 user(s) recommend this content

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hendrik.gossens 3 years ago
Very useful content! Experience can't be earned by watching videos, but this course helps you to get an overview of things you should know. Watch the videos, play around with the stuff you have learned and reach the level of an ADF rockstar programmer!
  • Curso ADF ismael.a 12-Aug-15
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espada_cifer 4.2 years ago
<p> very useful , shows good information to know and&nbsp; from the beginning ,I am starting the ADF journey and yes this was my first station , for a starter this article the right place !!</p>
  • so why 1 star/ dasu.baregala 08-May-13
  • Curso ADG ismael.a 12-Aug-15
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