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Oracle Sales Cloud: Mobile Sales Introductory Video Series

  • Using Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales, you can access and update Fusion CRM data from your iPhone or BlackBerry device. 

    This introduction shows a brief demonstration of the application, how to customize the application in CRM Application Composer, and how to install and set up Fusion Mobile Sales on both an iPhone and a BlackBerry.
  • 04-APR-2013
  • 19 minutes

Content List (click links below to view content)

2 mins

01 Mobile: Welcome

Watch this segment to find out what to expect in the other recordings in this series.

1 mins

02 Mobile: iPhone Installation and Set up

This segment shows you how to set up your initial connection once you have downloaded the Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales application onto your iPhone.

1 mins

03 Mobile: BlackBerry Installation and Set up

This segment shows you how to download and set up your initial Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales application connection on your BlackBerry.

4 mins

04 Using Mobile Sales

This segment provides a quick tour of using the application for your daily activities such as using calendar, interactions, opportunities, contacts, tasks, and forecasts.

1 mins

05 Mobile: iPhone Contact and Calendar Synchronization

This segment shows you how to set up contact and calendar synchronization on your iPhone.

3 mins

06 Mobile: Implementation Overview

This segment provides an implementation overview of Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales.

6 mins

07 Mobile: Customizing Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales

This segment shows you how to add pages to display a custom object in the mobile application using CRM Application Composer.

1 mins

08 Mobile: Additional Information

This segment points you to additional information.

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