• Masking Sensitive Data using Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control in E-Business Suite Release 12 Cloned Environments

    Data masking, also known as data scrambling or data anonymization, is the process of obscuring sensitive information copied from a production database with realistic, scrubbed data based on masking rules, to a test or non-production database. Data masking is ideal for virtually any situation where confidential or regulated data needs to be shared with other non-production users who need access to some of the original data, but not necessarily to every column of every table, especially if the information is protected by government regulations. Examples of non-production users include internal application developers or external business partners such as offshore testing companies, suppliers, or customers.

    The Oracle E-Business Suite Template for the Data Masking Pack, when applied with the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Data Masking tool, scrambles Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive data in a copy of the production system. The resulting database is devoid of specified PII and sensitive information but is still functionally useful for customers to test patches or perform development.

    Duration: 14 minutes

    Release Date: 02-APR-2013

    Created by: Waleed X Ahmed

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