• Oracle Real User Experience Insight: Oracle's Approach to User Experience

    This self-study course is the first in a series about Oracle Real User Experience Insight. Intended for a broad, general audience, this course begins with a discussion on why user experience is important, followed by Oracle’s approach to user experience. Next,  several use cases for Real User Experience Insight are presented. The course ends by showing how Real User Experience Insight is integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. This course is a suggested prerequisite for the other self-study in this series, one that focuses on basic navigation, data structures and workflows.

    Duration: 39 minutes

    Release Date: 25-OCT-2012

    Created by: Linda Ross

Reviews (4)

  • 10.3 years ago
    Best presentation of this sort that I have ever seen. Kudos to Linda!
    • 11.5 years ago
      <p> Good review questions and information provided.  Like the "Wheel of Fortune" method of filling in the blanks for review questions.  RUEI is a fairly complex product and requires a decent level of effort to understand/implement.  These types of courses help bring into focus what the capabilities are and how it can be utilized.</p>
      • 11.6 years ago
        <p> Excellent course for people that like to get to know RUEI and the use cases! Professionally run by Linda Ross!</p>
        • 11.6 years ago
          <p> This is a good start to learning RUEI!</p>