• Oracle Database 12c 2-Day DBA Series:Performing Backup and Recovery

    In this tutorial you configure your database for backup and recovery operations. You use Recovery Manager (RMAN) to perform backups and recover the database. You also use Oracle Flashback Table and Oracle Flashback Drop to rewind changes to a table and recover a table.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Release Date: 24-JUN-2013

Reviews (2)

  • 4.3 years ago
    This was a good overview. It covered a lot of ground without excess complexity, and with some helpful examples. I didn't find it hard to follow on Windows. However, in some cases it shows you how to toggle a feature without really demonstrating what it means, or how it relates to other features. This was especially true for the Configuring Recovery/Backup Settings features. More examples may be needed, and perhaps splitting the tutorial into two parts.
    • ortiz
      3.4 years ago
  • 4.3 years ago
    Good content, but written for Linux without any hints for Windows installations. Takes additional time to think through the corresponding commands for file locations and file copy operations.



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