• Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle Data Mining Demonstration

    Ever want to just sit and watch a YouTube-like presentation and "live" demos of Oracle Advanced Analytics/Oracle Data Mining?
    This 1+ hour long session focuses primarily on the Oracle Data Mining component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option and is tied to the Oracle SQL Developer Days virtual and onsite events.

    * Big Data + Big Data Analytics
    * Competing on analytics & value proposition

    * What is data mining?
    * Typical use cases
    * Oracle Data Mining high performance in-database SQL based data mining functions
    * Exadata "smart scan" scoring
    * Oracle Data Miner GUI (an Extension that ships with SQL Developer)
    * Oracle Business Intelligence EE + Oracle Data Mining results/predictions in dashboards
    * Applications "powered by Oracle Data Mining for factory installed predictive analytics methodologies
    * Oracle R Enterprise

    Duration: 12 minutes

    Release Date: 22-APR-2012

    Created by: Charlie Berger



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