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Transition to Oracle Solaris 11 Guided Practices

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  • This is a series of guided practices to introduce students to major new features in the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System.
  • 15-DEC-2011
  • Enzo Silva

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13-JAN-2012 5 mins

Configuring Oracle Solaris 11 Virtual Networking

In this practice, you explore Oracle Solaris 11 network virtualization by configuring VNICs and an etherstub to work within two pre-configured Oracle Solaris zones, and then configure that virtual network for public access.

22-DEC-2011 5 mins

Configuring a COMSTAR iSCSI Target

In this practice, you work with CLI commands to create an iSCSI target on your server. To achieve this goal you will first create an iSCSI Logical Unit Number (LUN) and then create the iSCSI target itself.

13-JAN-2012 3 mins

Configuring a ZFS Encrypted File System

In this practice, you create an encrypted ZFS file system using a raw key that you create.

30-DEC-2011 5 mins

Configuring an AI Server

In this practice, you configure the AI server to automatically install an Oracle Solaris 11 desktop client on the network using the AI default settings.

22-DEC-2011 5 mins

Managing Packages Using IPS

In this practice you work with the  CLI commands to perform common software update tasks such as adding, removing, and searching for packages.

You also learn how to perform a “dry run” on package installations. This allows you to see the changes that will occur on the system when a package is installed, without actually installing the package.

13-JAN-2012 5 mins

Migrating Oracle Solaris 10 Global Zones to Oracle Solaris 11 (P2V)

In this practice, you explore the physical-to-virtual (P2V) process for migrating an Oracle Solaris 10 global zone to an Oracle Solaris 11 environment. To do this, first you should assess the source Solaris 10 global zone to ensure it is Solaris 10 9/10 OS or higher. Then, you perform three key tasks:
•    Prepare the source global zone for migration
•    Prepare the target global zone for migration
•    Migrate from the Oracle Solaris 10 global zone

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