• Creating a Data Load Wizard for Your Application with Oracle Application Express 4.1

    Applications with data loading capability allow end users to dynamically import data into a table within any schema to which the user has access. To do this, end users run a Data Load Wizard that uploads data from a file or copies and pastes data entered by the end user directly into the wizard. With Oracle Application Express 4.1, you can create a series of data load wizard pages in your application using the new Data Loading page wizard. The wizard allows you to add table lookups and transformation rules that are executed when the Data Load Wizard runs. In this tutorial, you create a DEPENDENTS table, create an application with a report, use the Data Loading page wizard to create the Data Load wizard pages in your application that the end user uses to load the data. The Data Loading definition contains a table lookup for the relative name and a data transformation rule to make sure that Gender is stored in uppercase.

    Duration: 15 minutes

    Release Date: 21-AUG-2011

    Created by: Marcie Young

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  • 4.8 years ago
    <p> Excellent lesson on the new APEX 4 feature for building Data Load Wizards. Duplicating this type of functionality with other tool sets would certainly take much more time and effort.</p>



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