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    • 5.6 years ago
      Fabulous Job!! One of the best online resource to quickly get hands-on experience. The tasks are crisp and easy to understand to a OBIEE novice. All the examples worked out well for me.
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        3.7 years ago
    • 5.9 years ago
      Hi, I am looking for a complete set of sql scripts that I can use to create a sample relational schema (with data). Where can I get scripts ? (I do not have access to the Oracle sample scripts provided with the Oracle database install) The schema must have data and a time series table as I am looking to connection and import the meta-data using Oracle BI Administrator. Next I will then create a logical star schema model... Thnaks Ian
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        3.7 years ago
    • 6 years ago
      Time Series Functions Do not work as mentioned in the demo.May be DB features in pyshical layer need some changes.
      • 7.2 years ago
        <p> IMHO</p> <p> A little incorrect agregation example on F2 Revenue Aggregate. The table granularity is PRODUCT, QUARTER, When you map only measure columns (Units, Revenue) to F1 Revenue and set all Aggregate Content to total except the H1 Time (Quarter) you get the DISTINCT Sql as you correct pointed in "Inspect the log. Notice that the query uses the expected tables: D1 Time Quarter Grain and F2 Revenue Aggregate"</p> <p> The mistake is that it's possible to have in the aggregate table different records with the same quarter and revenue but containing the different products and the result is incorrect in this case (but for the year level it's OK anyway as the SUM is used)</p>
        • 7.3 years ago
          <p> Hope to have more about  how to create  logical dimensions with Parent-Child Hierarchies,thanks.</p>
          • 7.3 years ago
            <p> Great tutorial for new BI users.  Gave me an excellent start... Many thanks. </p>
            • 7.5 years ago
              <p> very good.thanks</p>



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