• Oracle Data Integration 11g: New Features

    This tutorial introduces you to the new and enhanced features of Oracle Data Integrator 11g (, including an understanding of the business reasons and technical benefits of these features. The course is NOT a general introduction to all aspects of the Oracle Data Integrator product. You should have thorough familiarity, preferable hands-on, with the previous 10g version of Oracle Data integrator. After completing this course, you should be able to: - Identify changes in the Oracle Data Integrator 11g architecture and components - Describe components of the new Fusion (JDeveloper) user interface - Identify the new and enhanced usability and productivity features - Describe the enhancements to Knowledge Modules - Describe the changes to ODI agents - Explain the business benefits of each new or enhanced features

    Duration: 58 minutes

    Release Date: 16-MAY-2011

    Created by: Richard Green



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