• Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Implement Test Data Management Demo Series

    This is a series of 3 demos that shows you how to setup and use test data management capabilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c.

    NOTE: If using the database plug-in or later (EMCC12cR3 and later), Step 1 is no longer required and is performed automatically when creating an Application Data Model

    Release Date: 02-OCT-2011

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Content List (3)

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Create Application Data Models (2 of 3)

    Duration: 3 minutes

    Duration: 3 minutes
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Prepare for Test Data Management (1 of 3)

    Duration: 2 minutes

    Duration: 2 minutes
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Use Data Subsetting

    Duration: 6 minutes

    Duration: 6 minutes

Reviews (1)

  • 6.4 years ago
    <p> Videos are good the only thing that isn't clear is how you "move" your data from one environment to the other.</p>



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