• Building a Websheet Application in Application Express (APEX 4.0)

    This tutorial shows you how to build, use, and customize a Websheet Application in Oracle Application Express 4.0. Websheet applications are collections of pages that support wiki syntax. Each page can be organized into sections. Pages can also be organized into a hierarchy. Sections can be edited using a friendly editor. Websheets provide the following functionality: * Create and share content over the web using your browser. * Organize web pages in a hierarchy and cross-link pages (using [[ pagename ]] syntax) * Create and manage tabular data using an embedded feature called Data Grids. * Create interactive reports using SQL on existing data structures in your database. * Expose Data Grid and Report data within pages as a chart or a report * Annotate pages with files, tags and notes. Associated images can be shown inline within page content (using [[image: filename]] syntax) * Search page content (using search box in upper right hand) * Manage who can login and once logged in, who can read, write or administer the application (authentication and authorization This tutorial shows the developer how to create and customize a Websheet Application.

    Duration: 120 minutes

    Release Date: 10-JUN-2010

Reviews (2)

  • 5 years ago
    It does not match Apex 4.1 new format.
    • 5.5 years ago
      Websheets are awesome! And this OBE gives a great overview of them.



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