• Enterprise Data Quality 12.2.1 Overview

    This self-paced training course provides an overview of Oracle Enterprise Data Quality release 12.2.1.  It introduces topics including why data quality is important, profiling data to understand it, auditing data quality to create DQ health checks, transforming data, parsing textual data, matching data to find duplicates, address verification, governing data using Case Management, and integrating EDQ with other systems.

    Duration: 110 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Implementer, BI Consumer, BI Analyst, BI Service Administrator, Application Administrator, Technical Sales Consultant, Data Modeler, System Administrator, Business Administrator, Data Scientist, Systems Analyst, Support Engineer, SOA Architect, Project Manager, Integration Developer, End User, Data Warehouse Developer, Data Warehouse Administrator, Business Intelligence Developer, Systems Architect, Business Analyst, Application Developer

    Release Date: 06-NOV-2015

    Created by: Peter J Webster

Reviews (3)

  • 3.4 years ago
    Hi Peter, Excellent tutorials and information on EDQ 12.2.1 One quick question, can we use this version of EDQ for Oracle Product Hub which is in a single instance of EBS version R12.2.6 ?
    • 3.7 years ago
      sorry, i couldnt able view any learning videos. please assist
      • 4.2 years ago
        Very Good Materials on EDQ , well Prepared , easy to understand & well explained.