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Oracle Big Data and Data Science Basics

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  • Learn to manage Big Data and understand the fundamentals of data science in this series.  

    The videos in this series provide concise explanations of how to use Oracle products, open source tools, and data science to quickly find value in Big Data.  

    (No previous background in statistics is necessary.)

    • This content is intended for the following job role(s): Data Scientist , Application Developer , Business Intelligence Developer , Data Warehouse Developer
  • 11-AUG-2013
  • Dan McClary

Content List (click links below to view content)

09-AUG-2013 8 mins

Flume NG Basics

Learn how to get data into your Hadoop cluster using Flume NG to collect distributed data

09-AUG-2013 17 mins

Market Basket Analysis: Introduction and Approaches

Learn about market basket analysis basics and approaches at a high level

09-AUG-2013 8 mins

Market Basket Analysis: Using Hive and Data Miner

In this video, you are shown how to write a Hive UDT, and  a simple drag and drop method for building association rules in Oracle Database

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16 user(s) recommend this content

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